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ATM Debit Cards
FMMFB ATM cards can be used to carry out your banking activities from the comfort of your home and offices. FMMFB ATM cards can be used on any ATM machine in Nigeria.

Have you collected your FMMFB ATM card?
You can collect and activate your ATM card at the nearest FMMFB branch.

What can I do with my FMMFB ATC Card?
FMMFB ATM card allows you to carry out some transactions without necessarily visiting any of our branches. Using the FMMFB ATM card, you can:

  1. Check your account balance

  2. Do fund transfers between own accounts

  3. Do fund transfers to other accounts (Third party transfers)

  4. Do fund transfers to other Nigerian bank accounts (Inter - bank transfers)

  5. Airtime top-ups, Bill payments etc.

How can I get the FMMFB ATM Card?
Walk in to any of our branches and open a Savings Account. This entitles you to an Accion MfB ATM Card.
Accion MfB ATM Card fee: N1,200 (One Thousand Two Hundred Naira Only)Validity: 3 years